Strolling around Athens in spring

Spring officially began two days ago and the things to be excited about are many. The newborn flowers, the lighter evenings and the blooming nature make the season ideal for holiday plans. The best way to get to know a city, especially one like Athens, is by getting lost in its streets. During the day the weather is ideal for walks around the historic center of Athens or ones to the southern parts of the city beside the sea. Days are getting longer and people enjoy getting out and hanging under the sunny weather.

Some of the most visited areas in Athens are Monastiraki and Plaka. The open ancient sights await to enchant you with their magical scenery. Climb up the Acropolis hill or the Lycabettus hill to enjoy amazing panoramic views to the whole city. Anafiotika area in Plaka is perfect for strolls and will give you the feeling of being in a Cycladic island. A must see attraction is the National Garden, which excibits some of the most rare species of plants.

During this season Athens also offers quite a lot cultural events and excibitions that you should visit. In addition, many concerts are being host in yards and open aeras all around the city. When you think about Greece, you think about the endless blue of our seas and the countless beaches. Don't be surprised if you see people swimming that early. The temperature in Greece is great and the weather quite warm specifically in May.

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